Digital Scales/Dials and Balances - 2024 Prices

Weighing Scales/Balances for sale

Please note we sell more than just Catering Scales. From electronic digital scales for sale to dials and balances as weighing scales.

Showroom? YES. Kempton Park, visit us before deciding on a model or come and make sure the scale is perfect for your specific need.

Payments: EFT payments are the 1st choice. ATM payments 2nd. Please note we don't accept cash anymore(thank our Nigerian friends for that).

If you do decide to make an EFT from your Cellphone/Tablet/Laptop after visiting the showroom PLEASE remember to let YOUR BANK SMS (083)571-2699 a payment notification. Or go to the Standard Bank a few blocks(4km) away in Kempton Park and deposit cash at the ATM.
For payments inside the bank please cover our bank charges, as we try to keep our prices down as low as possible and CASH bank charges are not included.

Collection is for your own account, please arrange for collections to be before 15:30 during the lockdown. (Just note the shipping weight and dimensions below the scales/model prices for your courier).

Office - Samantha
or Johan Welgemoed
Email -
Thanks, The Team.

NRCS amended the law that every approved scale must be verified at the customer's premises or at a officer in the area BUT NOT at the supplier's premises.
We are no longer allowed to provide both a certificate and the approved weighing scale, so the clients will have to contact the SANAS approved Verification Officer in their own capacity.
So basically you'll have to find a person/company close to you to verify(Stamp and Seal) the scale for you. We can provide a list of officers for you.
We STILL SUPPLY THE SABS/NRCS APPROVED SCALES, just can't verify them on the premises anymore.

So a scale will have a SABS approval number of SA1422 - This scale is APPROVED for retail/trading. To legally trade with it, a NRCS Calibration Certificate must be issued by a Verified Officer.

----- We have a list of NRCS Verification Officers, please just ask us for it when you buy a scales from us.

ALL our scales are electrical compliant with the NRCS rules. LOA's were issued by the NRCS for all the electric scales we sell.

Please confirm price and availability before making payments.
- Prices only while stock available - We only sell NEW scales.

WS30 user-friendly scale for sale -> The most popular digital weigher in South Africa.
WS30 cheap 30kg by 1g scale for sale - on special while stocks last

June 2024 - R1,200 excl vat
(WS30 also available in Cape Town and Durban - plus in head-office Kempton Park)
(While stock lasts and with a 6 months warranty)

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
WS30 30kg 1g 280×195mm R1,200
Shipping weight: 3.2kg Dimensions: 34 x 31 x 22cm.
(This special price on the WS30 is what people normally pay when they take a bulk load of the units at a time, so now you can buy 1 unit at the price of a bulk order.)

CNP/MKL Platform Scales - CNP/MKL floor scale
Digital CNP/MKL Platform Floor Scales - 500x400mm - display on pole
(CNP300 currently only available Kempton Park)
300kg June 2024 SPECIAL.

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
MKL75W 75kg 10g 500×400mm R3,800
MKL150W 150kg 20g 500×400mm R3,800
MKL300W 300kg 50g 500×400mm R3,800
CNP300 300kg 20g 500×400mm R3,700
Blue is removable plastic sheet

Adam CNP Stainless steel Platform
Shipping weight: 14kg Dimensions: 66 x 63 x18 cm.

Address / Directions MORE scales(Links open on new pages).

CB Portable scale - lightweight at 385g each - 160mm by 205mm by 45mm
CB Portable scale
2024 Prices excl Vat - June 2024

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
CB 501 (CB501) 500g 0.1g 130mm R1,900
CB 1001 (CB1001) 1,000g 0.1g 130mm R999
CB 3000 (CB3000) 3,000g 1g 130mm R1,900
Use 2 x AA N/A

For true portability. Uses 2 x AA Batteries(Get yourself 2 rechargeables).
Weigh units selectable: grams, ounces and pounds
Shipping weight: 0.5kg - Dimensions: 28 x 18 x 6cm. Single

Dune Compact Balances
Dune Compact balances - dune compact balance
2024 Prices excl Vat

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
DCT 201 (DCT201) 200g 0.1g 145×145mm R2,200
DCT 2000 (DCT2000) 2000g 1g 145×145mm R2,200
DCT 5000 (DCT5000) 5000g 2g 145×145mm R2,200
Shipping weight: 0.8kg Dimensions: 31 x 16 x 5cm. Single
Shipping weight: 10.9kg Dimensions: 49 x 32 x 23cm. Case of 12

AQ Mechanical Platforms
AQ Mechanical Platforms balances
2024 Prices excl vat:

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
AQ 300K (AQ300K) 300kg 100g 600×450mm June 2024 - R4,999
AQ 500K (AQ500K) 500kg 200g 600×450mm N/A

AQ300 and AQ500 mechanical scales with wheels
People looking for the AQ300 also buy the CNP300 electronic scale(slightly smaller size pan, please see the details also on this page - CNP 300 also 300kg, with a better 20g readability and an internal rechargeable battery).

Shipping weight and dimensions AQ 300/500: 78kg, 111 x 63 x 20cm.

MIF Mechanical Weighing/ Hanging Scales
Hanging scales - MIF Weighing Scale
June 2024 Price
(MIF200 model stock in Cape Town and Durban also)

Model Capacity Readability Price
MIF-200 200kg 1kg June 2024 - R1,700
Weighing Trouser R470
Shipping weight: 1.2kg Dimensions: 25 x 21 x 9cm.

LBX/LBK Bench counting Scales -> Popular Counting Scale for Stock Taking
LBX Compact Bench Scales - Bench and Floor Weighing Scales for Parts Counting LBK Bench Scales - Bench and Floor Weighing Scales
(LBX model on the left in the picture above. LBX replaces the LBK range - pic on right).

2024 Price
For interest on the counting part:
1c (the new SA 1sent coin) weighs exactly 1.489g
10c (new SA 10sent coin) weighs only 1.987g

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
LBX 3H 3kg 0.1g 245×180mm N/A
LBX 6H 6kg 0.2g 245×180mm June 2024 - R2,700
LBX 3 3000g 0.5g 245×180mm R3,200
LBX 6 6000g 1g 245×180mm R3,200
LBX 12 12kg 2g 245×180mm R3,200
LBX 30 30kg 5g 245×180mm R3,200
Shipping weight: 4.4kg Dimensions: 35 x 30 x 18cm.
(The LBK counting scale range replaced the QBW range, and the LBX replaces the LBK model)

CCT Bench Counting Scales
CCT Bench Counting Scales - Bench and Floor Counting Weighing Scales
2024 Prices:

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
CCT 4 4000g 0.1g 210x300mm R6,000
CCT 8 8000g 0.2g 210x300mm R6,000
CCT 16 16kg 0.5g 210x300mm R6,000
CCT 32 32kg 1g 210x300mm R6,000
CCT 48 48kg 2g 210x300mm R6,500
CCT 8UH 8000g 0.05g 210x300mm R7,700
CCT 16UH 16kg 0.1g 210x300mm R7,700
CCT 32UH 32kg 0.2g 210x300mm R7,700
CCT 48UH 48kg 0.5g 210x300mm R7,700

CKT Bench Check Weighing Scales
CKT Bench Scales - Bench and Floor Check Weighing Scales
2024 Prices:

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
CKT 4 4000g 0.1g 210×300mm R5,900
CKT 8H 8000g 0.1g 210×300mm R6,500
CKT 8 8000g 0.2g 210×300mm R5,900
CKT 16 16kg 0.5g 210×300mm R5,900
CKT 32 32kg 1g 210×300mm R5,900
CKT 48 48kg 2g 210×300mm R6,200
Hard Carry Case with Lock R1,999
Shipping weight: 5.5kg Dimensions: 36 x 40 x 19cm.

CBK M Bench Scales (EC Approved/SABS approved)
CBK M Bench Scales - Bench and Floor Scales
2024 Prices

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
CBK 3M 3000g 1g 225×275mm R5,999
CBK 6M 6000g 2g 225×275mm R5,999
CBK 15M 15kg 5g 225×275mm R5,999
CBK 30M 30kg 10g 225×275mm R5,999
SABS Approved M range NRCS Certificate Fees R850
Hard Carry Case with Lock R1,999
Shipping weight: 5.5kg Dimensions: 36 x 40 x 19cm.

CPWplus Bench Scales
CPWplus Bench Scales - CPW plus
2024 Prices

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
CPWplus 6 6000g 2g 300×300mm R3,500
CPWplus 15 15kg 5g 300×300mm R3,500
CPWplus 35 35kg 10g 300×300mm R3,500
CPWplus 75 75kg 20g 300×300mm R3,500
CPWplus 150 150kg 50g 300×300mm R3,500
CPWplus 200 200kg 50g 300×300mm R3,900
No.7954 Hard Carry Case with Lock R1,999
Shipping weight: 4.9kg Dimensions: 38 x 48 x 12cm.

CPWplus W Weighing Scales with wheels
CPWplus W Weighing Scales - CPW Plus W
2024 Not Available

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
CPWplus 35W 35kg 10g 500×500mm N/A
CPWplus 75W 75kg 20g 500×500mm N/A
CPWplus 150W 150kg 50g 500×500mm N/A
CPWplus 200W 200kg 50g 500×500mm N/A
Shipping weight: 20kg Dimensions: 104 x 61 x 13cm.

CPWplus M Weighing Scales
CPWplus M Weighing Scales - Bench and Floor Scales
2024 Prices

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
CPWplus 35M 35kg 10g 500×500mm R5,500
CPWplus 75M 75kg 20g 500×500mm R5,500
CPWplus 150M 150kg 50g 500×500mm R5,500
CPWplus 200M 200kg 50g 500×500mm R5,700
Shipping weight: 12kg Dimensions: 57 x 56 x 14cm.

CPWplus L Floor Scales
CPWplus L Floor Scales
2024 Prices excl vat:

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
CPWplus 35L 35kg 10g 900×600mm R6,900
CPWplus 75L 75kg 20g 900×600mm R6,900
CPWplus 150L 150kg 50g 900×600mm R6,900
CPWplus 200L 200kg 50g 900×600mm R6,999
CPWplus 300L 300kg 100g 900×600mm R7,200
L-range Non-Slip mat 900×600mm R850
Shipping weight: 20kg Dimensions: 109 x 72 x 12.5cm.

CFW Check Weighing Floor Scales
CFW Check Weighing Floor Scales Discontinued

CFM Check Weighing Floor Scales
CFM Check Weighing Floor Scales Discontinued

AZextra Price Computing Retail Scales (SABS/NRCS/EC Approved) - Butchery scale
AZextra Price Computing Retail Scales - electronic scales also as a catering scale
June 2024 Prices = All prices excl vat
SABS approval number SA1422 - The AZextra scales are APPROVED for retail/trading. To legally trade with them, a NRCS Calibration Certificate must be issued by a SANAS Verified Officer - We can supply a list so you can find the closest to you.
(The 'P' version is the one with the long neck)

These scales come with a RS232 interface for the ATP Printers (normal till slip type paper) available from us as an extra/separate from the AZextra Price Computing/Butcher scale.

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
SABS Approved range
AZextra 30P 30kg 10g 225×275mm R3,900
SWZ 3D 1.5kg/3kg 0.5g/1g 210×300mm R4,500
SWZ 3DP 1.5kg/3kg 0.5g/1g 210×300mm R5,200
SWZ 6D 3kg/6kg 1g/2g 210×300mm R4,500
SWZ 6DP 1.5kg/3kg 1g/2g 210×300mm R5,200
SWZ 15D 6kg/15kg 2g/5g 210×300mm R4,500
SWZ 15DP 6kg/15kg 2g/5g 210×300mm R5,200
SWZ 30D 15kg/30kg 5g/10g 210×300mm R4,500
SWZ 30DP 15kg/30kg 5g/10g 210×300mm R5,200
AZextra 30P 30kg 10g 225×275mm R3,900
NRCS Certificate Verification Fees R850
Weighing Scoop s/steel R2,200
ATP printer Label Printer
(not stickers)
Roll paper printer Label Printer R4,100
Shipping weight and dimensions AZextra: 5.5kg, 36 x 40 x 19cm,
AZextra 4 pack: 22.5kg, 42 x 75 x 42cm,
AZextra-P 6.5kg, 58 x 39 x 21cm,
AZextra-P 4 pack: 26kg, 80 x 61 x 47cm.

CCSA Coin Counting Scales
CCSA Coin Counting Scales
2024 Normal Price

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
CCSA 20 20kg 1g 225×275mm R5,500
Shipping weight: 5.3kg Dimensions: 36 x 40 x 19cm.

ABW Wash Down Scales (M = SABS/NRCS approved = Sealed and stamped - SA1460)
ABW Wash Down Scales
2024 Prices

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
ABW 4 4kg 0.5g 245×180mm R5,500
ABW 8 8000g 1g 245×180mm R5,500
ABW 16 16kg 2g 245×180mm R5,500
ABW 32 32kg 5g 300×210mm R5,700
WBW 1.5M 1500g 0.5g 210×173mm R4,999
WBW 3M 3000g 1g 210×173mm R4,999
WBW 6M 6000g 2g 210×173mm R4,999
WBW 15M 15kg 5g 210×173mm R4,999
NRCS Approved M range R850
Shipping weight: 4.2kg Dimensions: 39 x 29 x 29cm.

PT Platforms (Including / Complete with a GK Indicator)
PT Platform scale - platforms - Industrial weighing scales - up to 3,000kg - Livestock scales
2024 Prices excl vat:

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
PT 110 - PT110 1,000kg 0.2kg 1000×1000mm R11,900
PT 310 - PT310 3000kg 0.5kg 1000×1000mm R11,900
PT 112 - PT112 1000kg 0.2kg 1200×1200mm R12,900
PT 312 - PT312 3000kg 0.5kg 1200×1200mm R12,900
PT 115 - PT115 1000kg 0.2kg 1500×1500mm R14,900
PT 315 - PT315 3000kg 0.5kg 1500×1500mm R14,900
PT 10R Ramp mild steel - 1000mm R3,999
PT 12R Ramp mild steel - 1200mm R4,800
PT 15R Ramp mild steel - 1500mm R5,500
SABS GK-M: PT110 1,500kg 0.5kg 1000×1000mm R12,500
SABS GK-M: PT310 3,000kg 1kg 1000×1000mm R12,500
SABS GK-M: PT112 1,500kg 0.5kg 1200×1200mm R13,500
SABS GK-M: PT312 3,000kg 1kg 1200×1200mm R13,500
SABS GK-M: PT115 1,500kg 0.5kg 1500×1500mm R15,500
SABS Approved M range Verification Fees R950
Shipping weights: Please make sure your courier company insure/take responsibility as these units are heavy/solid. The platforms get tested before collection/delivery and a printout is sent with the platform.
Height only 100mm
PT110/PT310/PT310S = 90kg
PT112/PT312/PT312S = 120kg
PT115/PT315 = 170kg
GK Indicator 2kg(included with the PT range of scales).

The PT SABS-M range is a SABS/NRCS Approved scale.

PTM Drum/Wheelchair Platforms (Including / Complete with an indicator)
PTM Wheelchair Platform scale - platforms for weight checking of wheelchairs and drums with easy loading - up to 500kg
2024 Price:

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
PTM Drum - PTM Wheelchair Platform scale with GK Indicator 500kg 100g 820×780mm R12,500
Info: Height only 70mm
PTM = 33.5kg
GK Indicator = 2kg(included with the PTM wheelchair weighing scales - used at airports).
Indicator Cable length = 3m

GK Indicators

2024 Prices:

` `
Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
GK Indicator Selectable Selectable - R2,900
GK-M Indicator Selectable Selectable - R3,500
GC Indicator Selectable Selectable - R3,999
Shipping weight: 2kg Dimensions: 260mm x 170mm x 115mm.
Uses RS-232 interface for computers and printers

BFW Platform Scales are Replaced by the CNP platforms in 2013, see below:

CNP Platform Scales
CNP Platform Scales for sale
Prices excl vat.
(Special on the CNP300 only while stock lasts)

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
CNP 300 300kg 20g 500×400mm R3,700
Shipping weight: 14kg Dimensions: 66 x 63 x18 cm.

GBK Check Weighing Scale
GBK Check Weighing Scale
Normal 2024 Prices excl vat

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
GBK 8 - GBK8 8000g 0.1g 300×400mm R7,500
GBK 16 - GBK16 16kg 0.5g 300×400mm R6,700
GBK 32 - GBK32 32kg 1g 300×400mm R6,700
GBK 60 - GBK60 60kg 2g 300×400mm R6,700
GBK 120 - GBK120 120kg 5g 300×400mm R6,700
GBK 6M - GBK6M 6kg 300×400mm R7,200
GBK 15M - GBK15M 15kg 300×400mm R7,200
GBK 30M - GBK30M 30kg 300×400mm R7,200
GBK 60M - GBK60M 60kg 300×400mm R7,200
GBK 150M - GBK150M 150kg 300×400mm R7,200
NRCS Approved M range R850
NET - Weight: 7.6kg Dimensions: 860 x 520 x 300mm
Shipping Weight: 9kg Dimensions: 775 x 395 x 155mm

Address / Directions MORE scales(Links open on a new page)

GFK Bench and Floor Scales
GFK Bench and Floor scale
2024 Prices excl vat
Normal prices: GFK floor check weighing scales - excl vat
GFK600 scale (bigger pan size and 600KG)
GFK H scales
GFK M scales

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
GFK 75 75kg 5g 400×500mm R7,200
GFK 150 150kg 10g 400×500mm R7,200
GFK 300 300kg 20g 400×500mm R7,200
GFK 600 600kg 50g 600×800mm R10,900
GFK 75H 75kg 1g 400×500mm R10,900
GFK 150H 150kg 2g 400×500mm R10,900
GFK 60M 60kg 20g 400×500mm R7,800
GFK 150M 150kg 50g 400×500mm R7,800
GFK 300M 300kg 100g 400×500mm R7,800
NRCS Approved M range R850
Shipping weight: 16kg Dimensions: 860 x 400 x 620mm.
The GFK600 : 860 x 600 x 950mm (shipping dimensions) 50kg
The GFK M range is SABS/NRCS Approved  - NO. SA 1464

PU Pallet Scales - industrial weighing equipment - up to 3,000kg - pallet scale
Discontinued - But we can still give support on these units.

PTS Pallet Truck Scale (with AE402 indicator included)
PTT Pallet Truck Scale (with AE403 indicator included)
PTS Pallet truck Scales - industrial weighing equipment - up to 2,000kg - pallet truck scale
2024 Price: R23,200 excl vat

Model Capacity Readability FORK size Price
PTS plus 2000 + AE403 2,000kg 0.5kg 160mm(w)×1150mm(L) R26,000
PTT 2000 + AE503 2,000kg 0.5kg 160mm(w)×1150mm(L) R28,000
ATP Printer Prints Till slip Rolls R4,100
Shipping weights: 110kg - 1580mm x 690mm x 1180mm

AELP Pallet Beams with GK Indicator (Low profile pallet weighing beams) - Loose Pallet Scales.
AELP Pallet Beams - Pallet Scales
2024 Price:

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
AELP-1000 GK 1,000kg 200g - R11,999
AELP-2000 GK 2,000kg 500g - R11,999
Shipping weights: 38kg (GK indicator included)
Overall dimensions (WxDxH):
Beams - 1250mm x 80mm x 60mm / Indicator - 220mm x 160mm x 105mm
Cable 1.8m

NCSA 20Plus Note Counter - N/A
Note Counters - NCSA Note Counter

MTB Baby Scales.
(The MXB Baby Scale is replaced by the MTB combo baby and toddler scale as below)
MTB 20 baby scale
2024 Price = R3,500 excl vat

Model Capacity Readability Pan size Price
MXB 20 (MXB20)
- Baby scale
20kg 10g 535×280mm N/A
MTB 20 (MTB20)
- Baby scale Toddlers
20kg 5g 560×285mm R3,500
Shipping weight: 3.2kg Dimensions: 56 x 35 x 14cm.

Scale Accessories

2024 - ALL Prices on this site excl 15% vat:

Scale Accessories Price
ATP Adam Printer - TILL SLIP PRINTER - NOT Stickers R4,100
No.9061 AdamDU - Data Collection Program R2,500
No.3584 Thermal Paper Roll for Adam Printer/ATP Printer R250
Pack of 10 Thermal Paper Rolls for Adam Printer/ATP Printer R1,900
AIP Adam Printer - High Speed dot matrix printer - NOT Stickers R5,200
AIP Printer Paper Roll single - 57mm R120
AIP Printer Paper Rolls - 57mm - Pack of 10 R1,200
No.8036 Anti – Vibration Tables for sale R12,999
GK Indicator R2,900
GK-M Indicator - Valid for NRCS/SABS approved scales. R3,500
AE403 Indicator (IP 65 rated Stainless Steel) R5,500
GC Counting Indicator R3,999
RS-232 to USB cable R1,700
RS-232 to PC cable R1,200
USB cable R1,700

Please note these are June 2024 prices - confirm prices and availability before Ordering any equipment. Scales for sale directly from the weighing equipment manufacturer/wholesaler to the public, by using Catering Equipment 4 All for below suggested retail prices.

Collections only, NO deliveries TO ANYONE by order of Adam Equipment head office in the UK.
E-TOLL killed it for us(and you) on smaller orders where we used to deliver.
NO Postage and No arranging couriers from our side(Unnecessary Admin overheads will just increase the prices for everyone.) Thanks.

These amounts can change at any time, as most of these products are dependent on the Rand exchange with other major currencies. We'll give you an invoice valid for 1 DAY - but you can always just reconfirm the price and availability when you are ready to buy.

We follow a policy of continuous improvement and reserve the right to change the specifications and pricing without notice. Our standard terms and conditions of sale apply. All prices subject to confirmation upon order. Errors & omissions excepted. Ex works. UPDATED Price List (South Africa) 07 June 2024. ALL PRICES EXCLUDE VAT & No DELIVERY. Collections are free and within normal operations we need an hour or 2 to calibrate and double test the scale, from the time the order is confirmed.
Prices are based upon exchange rates with the USD and Pound Sterling. Any variation of more than 10% in the exchange rates may result in appropriate price changes.(So basically if the Rand/Dollar exchange changes, the prices might change again).

No Credit Card/Debit Card or 'swipe' facilities. NO CASH accepted. EFT before we release(You can sit in your car with a tablet or laptop or do the transfer at home - once we receive the funds or bank payment confirmation SMS DIRECTLY from your bank, you can have your scale). Visit the showroom and have a chat with one of the knowledgeable staff. They will help you and can confirm anything with me if anything is unclear. You can also take an invoice supplied by us with you to streamline collection. They will still give me a call to confirm the instruction to release the scales from ADAM EQUIPMENT to you(normally a phone call or email). You'll then collect your order under our name - Catering Equipment 4 All. (The reason for no swipe facilities, is because this is actually a WHOLESALER, so the public buy here via OUR account on a pre-paid basis. CASH PAYMENT NOT ALLOWED ANYMORE, as it makes our staff a prime target for problems - As most people from our neighbouring countries arrive here with cash, there is a Standard Bank a few blocks away, so check out the scales you want and then just go and pay at the bank. (ATM payments take an hour to reflect, since we release when the funds show). .. So if you are from Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Swaziland and Lesotho - please let us know what you want and we can confirm stock. You then arrive, pay (cash at bank or Tablet EFT) and take your items immediately.) Please note you'll have to cover our bank fees when doing cash payments inside the bank or when doing TeleTransfer(TT) payments from outside the country.

For the small print, please look on the Weighing Scales page for the Legal Statement, Privacy Statement and Terms & Conditions link by which we(and you where applicable) are bound, including warranty info.

Due to the weight of some of these scales, please ensure you and/or your courier is covered by insurance for the scale you collect - once released from dispatch the scale is your responsibility..(this is not small print, but due diligence.)

Please contact us:
Email - or
give us a call:
Office - Samantha: (066)098-6249
-- Voice/SMS/Whatsapp or Johan: (083)571-2699
-- Voice/SMS/Whatsapp International +27 66 098-6249 sms/text/voice/whatsapp (from some countries when phoning to South Africa you might get an engage tone, although it is actually ringing, so just give it another few seconds to ring before hanging up).

Please confirm the series or range you are interested in do come with food grade stainless steel pans - as all the modern electronic Catering scales have food grade stainless steel weighing pans. On units like the PT Platform scale, you have a choice of mild steel or stainless steel, as this is not something you put food on, but more for agricultural or industrial usage. Stainless on these PT platforms normally for bulk chemical weighing is discontinued since 2016.

NO secondhand scales/old scales are being sold on our website. For MORE NON catering scales for sale - see the Catering Equipment 4 All classified ads - for units not listed on this page - also ONLY NEW weighing scales for sale. ONLY Adam Equipment scales are sold here, as we know Adam Equipment stands behind these products for the last 40+ years and are also a top brand name in countries like the UK, USA and Australia.

Warranty Statement for Adam Equipment Scales

All models supplied by Adam Equipment are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 1 year. The warranty is a return to base type only, but full telephone support is given to assist in fixing faults, whether within warranty or out of warranty. (The WS30 is for 6 months).
Please arrange beforehand to get an authorization number. Consumables like disposable pans, wet covers, batteries or such items are not covered by this warranty.
Also use your scale the same way as a cell phone to not over charge the battery - charge and use, then re-charge. If not in use, re-charge it once a month.(For scales with rechargeable batteries that is).

Again - our Email -
Office - Samantha: (066)098-6249 - voice/whatsapp/sms/

Johan (083)571-2699

and for more units not listed as typical 'Catering' scales please see --> MORE NEW SCALES for sale on our database display pages

Our contact details as a mecard(QR code):
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