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Catering Services for Events -

With functions that involve food coming up all year round, it makes sense to do event planning in advance. Why not approach 1 of our clients about using their mobile food catering units. These mobile catering trucks won't be all-terrain vehicles - but they'll cater to your needs.

Business opportunities as a Caterer at these Events:

  • Fundraising - like charity golf events
  • 21st Birthdays
  • Quad bike or Bike rally's
  • private Kiddies parties or
  • Christmas functions or corporate Christmas functions
  • Team building
  • other Corporate functions
  • Self catering - Mexican food to Kiddies hamburgers
  • Some events will need more caterers - like food catering for weddings
  • special Promotions
  • Year end functions
  • smaller Roof wets or private cocktail parties
  • Other private functions, are you planning a graduation party?
  • Spitbraai parties - a succulent lamb or juicy hog on a gas spit-braai, popular for most events
    ... you get the idea -> always some function planning to be done.

    With mobile catering units all over, at this stage we don't keep track of where the units are, so I can't help you with finding the nearest mobile units. We used get requests via email and then forwarded the local caterers' details. (Because of spam, their email addresses will not be published here.)

    To see the inside of some of these catering trailers, follow this link to The 'Food catering units' page.

    This page is to help my clients to serve you. If you would like some Catering Equipment, please have a look by following this link to The 'Catering Equipment 4 All' home page. From there you can find all the info you'll need.

    Or you can contact us now - for catering equipment or catering enquiries:
    Charmaine - (072)286-9877

    Photo: Caterers for function Photo: Cater for many with the 'Rooster Shack'

    Special bonus - How to start your own catering business with catering services

    Work from Home, Catering as a Business Opportunity

    You'll find people seem to have more money to spend, and those with a bit more, want to show their status by flaunting their wealth - with large, catered parties. But not just the wealthy - when last did you go to a wedding where the catering services were not done by professionals?(Even if it is just the hotel staff)

    With the same kind of reasoning, businesses of all sizes are using catered lunches, cocktail parties and dinner meetings to build their images and increase company sales. Even though it is not always a matter of keeping up with the competition, it just don't make sense to have full-time staff to build a few sandwiches for that internal meeting, it also does promote a company to show professionalism on product launches and other do's.

    On a smaller, but just as busy marketing scale:
    Working mothers are paying to have catered birthday and graduation parties. And, like I said, catering services for events like wedding receptions, also handled by caterers. The reasons are simple to understand--if she's working outside the home, today's mother just doesn't have the time or the energy to do all the event planning and staging of memorable parties.

    Besides for the working angle, working moms also turn everything over to a caterer because they feel a little bit guilty. Thus, they're ready and willing to do anything(see money in your hand here) so the kids can have a lavish party to be remembered for years to come.

    Caterers handle everything from birthday parties for children, to company dinner parties for 50 and wedding receptions involving a ton of guests. Or what about catering events like a breakfast in bed or an intimate candlelight dinners for two. This kind of entrepreneurial business is definitely growing and becoming more popular with people of all income levels.

    An imaginative caterer in one of our cities can easily make a bundle each year, while a small part-time caterer in a small town can count on all the local functions if she/he knows what they're doing. Just imagine pulling people to your plattelandse dorpie from the cities.

    You don't need special education or training to become a successful caterer. With a bit of people skills, or someone on your catering team with the skills, you can be up and running in a flash. You can start your catering business from home with no extra money needed, as long as you have the basic equipment, that is.
    18kg lamb Spitbraai with the lid removed for easy serving If you do decide to go with more professional equipment, like a commercial stainless steel spitbraai(link opens on new page), it won't cost you an arm and a leg either.

    Some big spenders go full-out and order a few fully kitted trailers or everything needed to start a fully equipped restaurant. They see a big picture and go for the quick start with a long-term view.

    An ideal business for an ambitious couple to start and operate with very little capital investment required. One person can spend his time looking for business while the other would do the planning, organizing and do the actual catering.

    As with any business, your success will be directly related to the soundness of your planning and the working of that plan. Understand exactly what your client wants, and give him what he wants in the way of service that reflects upon the client in a complimentary manner.

    Basically, you can start with an advertisement in your local newspapers. This advertisement need not be much more than a simple announcement: Creative Catering-Specializing in personal service - We can handle any party or special event from start to finish -no idea to small or too big- Your satisfaction is always guaranteed! We can handle everything for you.. Call us, and let us make your parties worth remembering...

    Later, when you have a few catering functions under your belt, AND took tons of photo's, start thinking about a web site. The best deal I could find is at - for your website hosting.(link opens on new page).
    Basically you need a home for your new business. As a business we run our website domains on these South African servers, and in all the years had no problems and only great personal service from Louis Ferreira and his team.

    Naturally, the first thing you want from anyone calling to ask about your services, is that person's name, address and phone number. Then you want to know what kind of party or event they have in mind. As soon as you have this information, relax a little bit and inquire to find out about the person or the company--the people--sponsoring the party and their ultimate goals or reasons for the party.

    If it's to celebrate a birthday, graduation, anniversary or a wedding reception--finding out about the interests, background and ambitious of the guest of honor will be of value to you in your planning. Taking a few minutes to learn everything you can about whoever the party is for, and the people giving the party, will also make it much easier to close the sale than any sales pitch or special persuasive tactics.

    People like to talk about themselves, and they especially like to tell everyone why they're honoring someone, even when they pretend to keep it a secret who initiated the idea. So, it's important that you be a good listener, that you have the ability to get people to talk about themselves, and that you take notes on the things they tell you. (Side note - hidden business opportunity - not just on the topic of catering: listen/listen/listen)

    This same principle applies to business people, regardless of who's talking to you or the purpose of the catered affair. The more polished and adept you can become in getting your prospects to talk about themselves, the more information relative to their background you can elicit, and the more you listen; the better your parties will be, and the greater success you'll attain in the catering business.

    You take the information you glean from this first interview and plan/organize the event on paper. This means you're going to have to have contacts or at least working relationships with innumerable service businesses.

    If your client wants to stage a birthday party for a 12-year old---he or she greets the guests as they arrive, makes sure everybody knows who he is---then what about party favourites---a soft drink and a conversation leader until all the guests arrive--the opening of presents--icecream and cake--and games to play, a thank you gift for coming, and a reason to end the party at a pre-determined time...

    Do you greet the guests, does the mother or father, or the little boy or girl? Where do you come up with the party favourites at less than regular retail prices? Where are you going to get the soft drinks-your cost and the glasses or paper cups to serve them in? What about ice? What kind of games to play? Who'll be the conservation leader? Will there be a clown or someone special to keep everything moving according to plan? Where do you get the ice cream and cake? What games to play? How to get everyone involved? And finally, a feasible and polite reason for ending the party and sending everyone home...

    All this takes planning, organization, and if you're going to make a profit, a definite awareness of cost control. Get it all down on paper as a proposal to the people who want to pay you to do this event. Figure out your costs, the time involved in putting it all together, and then get back to your prospect.

    Always leave room for changes in your proposal. In fact, expect them--invite input and suggestions from the client--and always have an alternate idea in your mind for each of those on your written proposals. Discuss your proposal with the client just as you would a script for a television show, make the suggested changes and ask for a 50-percent advance deposit. From there, it's just a matter of following your plan.

    Regardless of size or type of party--whether your client is a working mother or a giant corporation--the format is always the same: initial inquiry, interview, your proposal, 2nd interview for any changes, agreement, deposit, staging the party itself, and your final payment. As mentioned earlier, success in this business comes from your planning--having a lot of contacts--and working your plan.

    An important word of caution: Try not to get "boxed in" to setting or even revealing a tentative price until you've had a chance to listen to what the prospect wants, to study your own capabilities, and to make a formal written proposal. If a customer wants to know how much you charge--and if you feel it necessary in order to eventually close the sale--you can tell him an amount per hour, plus expenses, and of course, depending on the type of event the customer wants.

    As for how much the average party costs, again tell him that it varies anywhere from R250 to R10,000 - Once you've done a few functions, you'll be able to give a more accurate figure, but never commit.

    Always keep in mind that you are a professional, and that if the ordinary person had your knowledge, contacts and ambition to do it himself, he wouldn't be calling you in the first place. He needs your help for any number of reasons. You specialize in this kind of work or service just as a doctor specializes in medicine and a lawyer in legal matters. Therefore, you should, and do expect to be paid accordingly.

    Something else--this business thrives on word-of-mouth advertising--referrals--and thus, is direct "freeway" to the kind of customers where money is of no concern. However, in order to gain access to this market, your business emphasis has to be on service. These referrals are also important for you website. Get someone to put their "word of mouth" on paper.
    Having the SEO of a big company say "This is the best managed private catering event we ever had. The caterers were giving top quality service and perfection is the only way to describe the food and ..........."
    Mr. X
    SEO mega company

    This means the capability of handling everything for the customer, from having the invitations printed and sent out to cleaning up after the last guest has left. Businesses and people in the upper income brackets, like to pick up the phone--tell someone they want a party on a certain date--and then forget about it, knowing everything will be taken care of without further worry or time involvement from them. Once you've developed your expertise and clientele to this level, you'll have a huge business - does not matter where you are.

    Definitely arrange for a display ad in your local newsletters and newspapers.

    Working with restaurants, supper clubs, bridal shops and entertainment business in general can bring in hundreds of referrals for you. Rubbing shoulders with, and circulating as a part of your area's civic and service clubs, like the Lions club and Round table, should also result in more business for you. Golf clubs and the likes produce gold.

    Keep your eyes and ears on the alert. Where ever you go, and with whomever you associate, always be ready to promote and sell your services, if not on the spot, at least make a note to follow up when conditions are more in your favour. Promoting and selling your services will require at least half your time, and that's why two people operating catering services are so successful from the start.

    The actual selling is quite simple so long as you emphasize the service and time-saving aspects. The more time-consuming work you can handle for the client, the easier it's going to be for you to close the sale.

    Handing out business cards is one of the least expensive ways to advertise, promote and sell your services. One enterprising caterer made arrangements with the sponsors of all his parties, to see that each of the guests gets one of his business cards.

    Another gives each of his clients a stack of his business cards, and tells them he'll pay them R100 for each prospect they refer to him. He tells them to write their name on the backs of the cards, and to hand them out to their friends. And then, whenever a person tells him that John or Jane suggested he call, and he presents the card with John or Jane's name on the back, this very successful caterer takes the R100 to the referrer in person - another chance to give more business cards.(And think about it, you'll always get an appointment, because you are not selling anything - you are giving this person some money).

    Another very successful caterer pays commissions to a group of housewives and college students who solicit--via their home phones--interviews for him with brides-to-be. They get their leads from announcements, and pictures of brides-to-be in the local papers.

    Many caterers pay sales people a commission for letting them know when they hear about a party or special event being planned by one of their business customers.

    The possibilities go on and on, and are seemingly unlimited. Time is becoming more valuable to a lot more people every day, which means there are more and more opportunities for great wealth and personal independence as a professional caterer. In reality the success for just about any person entering this field, will be limited only by his or her own imagination and energy.

    Business opportunities are plentiful within the catering and function planning field. Anyone with a sense of service to others can succeed. Very little "ready cash" is needed to begin. Therefore, the only thing standing between you and the realization of your dreams, is the action it takes on your part to get started...

    Good Luck and may 2014 be your year, as "Caterer of the Year".
    the team,

    -- For more info, Charmaine is waiting for your call - (072)286-9877

    Disclaimer: We reserve the right to change anything at 'Catering Equipment 4 All' at any time. Always adding more food catering units as a catering business to be catering for functions. Page last updated:

    27 Sept 2014

    extra Function and Event ideas

  • Marquees tent hire - these tents are a must for huge functions
  • Hire a conference center, project manage the catering event yourself (some places allow this)
  • Find other venues, visit them and if they don't sub-let, send them customers for commission
  • Find local "hotspots" for weddings - get your own wedding photographer
  • Become a middleman - hire other catering professionals for "your" catering requirements
  • Spitbraai catering - we as South Africans just love our braai
  • Themed functions - get a decor supplier and do specialized events
  • Copy/Investigate companies already in the market - let them quote you, then you just do better
  • Go mobile - have fully equipped mobile kitchens to handle event like emergencies, renovations or fun functions
  • Buy and brand your own aprons, chef jackets and serving staff clothes(Find your own cheaper jacket/apron suppliers)
  • Have a mobile bar (You are NOT allowed to have stock inside the trailer while towing it).
  • Party trailers don't have to be corporate looking - have some colour fun. Stand out from the crowd.
  • Have weighing scales to measure portions(this is a business) - Weighing Scales
  • Adjust your normal menu to cater for your client - some religions don't eat roast pork, even if this is your specialty
  • After reading this you'll understand why your Mompreneur or Mom-entrepreneur friend is always busy/running - so much to think about.

    Even with the best catering equipment in South Africa, if people don't know that you are a caterer, you'll not get your catering business off the ground.
    So, everyone must know - "I am a Caterer, I am the best Caterer and I'll be YOUR Caterer" - go tell them and Good Luck with your new business.